Gratitude On The Hill

Hello everyone, and happy spring!

As a second semester freshman, I have truly come to notice how grateful I am to be here. Following spring break, my montseratt class went to the Joyce Contemplative Center to reflect on our time here at Holy Cross.

Joyce Contemplative Center
(Bruce T. Martin Photography)

Christopher Barrett, a faculty member here on campus, spoke about his own experiences with gratitude and how he came to realize the crucial role it plays in our daily lives. He asked each of us to write down the top three things we are grateful for, and the majority of our responses fell along the lines of friends, family, and Holy Cross.

I found myself looking down at the sticky notes in my lap, realizing that just over a year ago, my answer of “Holy Cross” would have never existed. However, I was not at all surprised by the shared sentiment of how meaningful this place is to those of us who are lucky enough to experience it.

My own personal decision to come to Holy Cross has been validated continuously throughout this first year, but for some reason this moment stands out to me most. Realizing that those around me value the same things that I do, put any and all fears of adjustment, performance, and assimilation that I had previously experienced, to rest.

Needless to say, I am extremely grateful that I have ended up here at Holy Cross, and I couldn’t imagine a more understanding and encouraging place to spend my undergraduate career.

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