Homecoming Weekend

Hello everyone! Welcome back to campus.

This past weekend, as the first weekend of the new semester, was Homecoming weekend here at Holy Cross. The events united alumni of all ages as well as current students and their families to engage in the Holy Cross community on campus.


On Saturday, The Men’s Basketball team played Navy. The Hart Center was filled with fans and current students and faculty, of which kicked off their start at home for the Spring. At half time, the announcers featured a lineup of Holy Cross graduates from  the past 60 years. This was an extremely capturing moment, as the expressions on all of their faces were the same: happiness. Every single one of them looked just as eager and excited to be back in this special environment. The team went on to beat Navy 69-64, in a stressful and uplifting game of skill and teamwork.


The overall environment remained exciting, as the stands were filled with alumni decked out in purple and white. Baby crusaders were paraded around in their little hoodies and onesies. I could see the whole picture of what this community fosters. Friendships and memories that last a lifetime, and grant future opportunities for human connection.

The Alumni network that Holy Cross has created is one of extremely high success, intellectual ability, connection, and collaboration, all of which appear on a daily basis here on campus. The donations and opportunities that have been presented as a result of Alumni effort and contribution enrich the environment  in which we live and learn, and events like this past weekend highlight the true value of these connections.

Holy Cross Cheer Team (halftime 32-34 Navy)



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