Fall on The Hill

Hello everyone, and happy fall!

The first couple of months of this school year have flown by, much like all of the leaves off of the trees that makeup our beautiful campus.

Fall on The Hill

As stressful as this time of year is for college students-especially those first years who are still trying to sort all aspects of the college life out-it is also the most beautiful in my opinion. Filled with vivid colors and colder weather, this season of fall has served as a time of reflection for me personally.

As I look back on the past few months I have spent here, I have realized that all of the things I was initially so nervous about-getting involved, finding my way, impressing my teachers-had completely fallen away. Not only have I found myself genuinely enjoying my classes, but I have also expanded my previously very confined comfort zone by joining the SPUD group dedicated to working with the residents in The Blaire House for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Hospice care patients.

I cannot express enough the joy that these visits bring me, and the lessons I have learned from those who see life differently.

I have come to realize that the community here at Holy Cross is one that thrives on human connection, and the days that I work with those who are restrained by their deteriorating mental abilities, have left me me feeling extremely thankful that I have made such connections and am supported by those around me.

Joining this group has also allowed me to view the world in a different light, without the clouds of stress that midterms and sleepless nights may bring.

Sometimes the most important lessons we learn in life are from those whom never intended to teach them.

The experiences this program has provided me with have not only encouraged me to expand my horizons and get involved in the community around me, but they have also led me to feel unconditionally thankful.

Blaire House of Worcester

These fall days here on the hill are filled with high spirits and the growing anticipation for Thanksgiving break. The campus is covered with fallen leaves and trees veiled with vibrant hues, as the opportunities for involvement continue  to present themselves.

As we approach the Thanksgiving break, I encourage all of those who are interested in giving back and gaining experience that will not only enrich your social awareness, but will also lead to personal growth and reflection, to get involved.

Whether it is helping out a professor, participating in SPUD programs, or picking from an endless array of student-led clubs and organizations, the feelings of mental clarity and thankfulness that follow are undoubtedly worth the extra time and effort.

O’Kane Hall



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